Faculty Trained in Mediation

Please Note: This list is provided to recognize faculty who have completed mediation training.
For ODR information and mediation services, please contact the ODR office at 277-3212.



Mediator Department
Andrea Allan HSC Neurosciences
Sylvia Andrew UNM Gallup, Executive Director
Rosa Auletta Transitional Studies, Learning Communities, UNM Valencia
Joseph Barbour UNM Valencia
Anne Baril Philosophy
Marsha Baum Law
Claire-Lise Benaud University Libraries
Gloria Birkholz Nursing, Emerita
Steven Block Music, Chairperson
Jonathan Bolton HSC Psychiatry Education
Lisa Broidy Sociology; Institute for Social Research, Director
Stephen Burd Anderson School of Management
William Buss Neurosciences, Emeritus
Anne Calhoon Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies
Regina Carlow Music, Assoc Dean
Sue Chrisman Pediatrics/Occupational Therapy
Jean Civikly-Powell C&J Emerita, Ombuds Dispute Resolution
Gene Coffield Individual Family & Community Education, Emerita
Mary Jane Collier Communication & Journalism
Cara Lea Council-Garcia Biology
Patricia Covarrubias Communication & Journalism
Richard Cripps Biology
Gary Cuttrell Surgery, Dental Services
Susan Deese-Roberts University Libraries, Emerita
Jaci Devine Communication & Journalism
Gloria Dyc Arts & Letters, UNM Gallup
Mark Emmons University Libraries
Santa Falcone Professor & Special Asst., Provost Office
John Feldman Law
Corey Ford Neurology, HSC Office of Research
Sally Fortner Anesthesiology
Kathryn Fraser Psychiatry, University Clinic
Robert Fritch General Internal Medicine
Barry Gaines English, Emeritus
Patricia Gillikin Developmental English, UNM Valencia
Tim Goldsmith Psychology
María Dolores Gonzales Spanish & Portuguese, Emerita
Cathy Gutierrez-Gomez Individual Family & Community Education
Shuhong Guo Internal Medicine
Miriam Gustafson English, UNM Valencia
Mary Harris Individual Family & Community Education, Emerita
Gary Harrison English
Karl Hinterbichler Music
Scott Hughes Law
Jami Lynn Huntsinger English, UNM Valencia
Marilou Acosta Joson Math & Science, UNM Gallup
Dubra Karnes-Padilla UNM Valencia
Kate Krause Honors College, Dean; Economics
Benjamin Kratzert Anesthesiology
Alice Lawson UNM Valencia
Anne Lightsey ASM Management Development Center
Vonda Long Individual, Family, & Community Education, Emerita
Kristen Loree Theatre & Dance
Diane Marshall Biology, Arts & Sciences
Estella Martinez Individual, Family, & Community Education, Emerita
Prasad Mathew Pediatrics
Margaret Menache Retired, Public Health, Family & Community Medicine
Sarah Morley Health Science Library & Informatics Center
Leslie Morrison HSC Academic Affairs; Neurology; Pediatrics
Helen Muller Anderson School of Management, Emerita
Bruce Noll Educational Leadership & Organizational Learning, Emeritus
Eric Nuttall Chemical & Nuclear Engineering, Emeritus
Leslie Oakes Anderson School of Management
Lee Orosco Civil Engineering
Phyllis Palmer Speech & Hearing Science
Jay Parkes Individual, Family & Community Education
Patricia Payne Nursing, Retired
Susan Pearson Theatre & Dance, Emerita
Will Pockman Biology
Stefan Posse Neurology
Mary Power English, Emerita
Mary Quinn Spanish & Portuguese
Ric Richardson Architecture & Planning, Public Administration
Deborah Rifenbary Associate Dean, COE Administration
John Rinaldi Individual, Family & Community Education, Emeritus
Sherry Rogers Cell Biology, Emerita
Susan Romano English, Emerita
Randy Rosett Anesthesiology
Thomas Rotter Center for High Technology Materials
Adrienne Salinger Art & Art History
Barri Sanders UNM Taos
Laurie Schatzberg Anderson School of Management, Emerita
David Scott Associate Dean, COE Administration
Virginia Seiser University Libraries, Emerita
Virginia Shipman Individual, Family & Community Education
Anne Simpson Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Inst. for Ethics
Julia So CHESS, Social Sciences UNM-V
Brian Solan Family & Community Medicine
Patricia Stall Education, Emerita
Pamela Stovall UNM Gallup
Samantha Tetangco English
Melinda Tinkle College of Nursing
John Trotter Vice Chancellor, HSC Academic Affairs
Tim Wadsworth Institute for Social Research
Howard Waitzkin Sociology, Internal Medicine
Eileen Waldschmidt Teacher Education
Helen Walton UNM Valencia, Assistant Professor
Jacqueline Weeks UNM Gallup, Emerita
Sherman Wilcox Linguistics
Ebtisam Wilkins Chemical & Nuclear Engineering, Emerita
Fran Wilkinson Deputy Dean, University Libraries
Bronwyn Wilson Internal Medicine
Amy Wohlert Speech & Hearing Sciences
Carolina Yahne CASAA, Emerita
Steven Yourstone Anderson School of Management


Graduate Assistant / Graduate Student Mediators

Mediator Department
Cheryl Bryan Psychology
Melissa Heap Psychology
Cleophas Muneri Communication & Journalism
Heather Sands Counseling, Graduate Student Ombuds
Erin Watley Communication & Journalism
Olga Zaytseva Communication & Journalism



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