About the Graduate Assistants

The Graduate Assistants to the Ombudsman for Faculty program provide a variety of services and support to the Ombudsperson. Our GAs are responsible for maintaining our website and providing small articles on a weekly basis for use in the blog as well as working to put together our monthly online newsletter. Our GAs attend all our workshops and trainings. Each GA gives a workshop during the time of this assistantship. For those who are interested in learning more about mediation in an experiential setting, consider applying for a position with us by contacting the current Ombudsperson.

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Aasma Batool(Fall 2020-current) is graduate student at college of Education. She is doing her masters in Language Literacy & Sociocultural Studies with her major in TESOL. She started working as graduate assistance for Ombuds from Fall-2020.

Image previewNina Mock Cooper(Summer 2019-Spring 2021) is a doctoral candidate in Communication with an emphasis in intercultural communication and health at the University of New Mexico.  She worked previously as an Ombuds for Faculty graduate assistant from the fall of 2017 – spring 2018 and enjoyed working on the monthly newsletter and co-conducting workshops.  Here, she received training in mediation from before going on to serve as graduate ombudsperson in the Office of Graduate Studies the ensuing two years.  Nina has returned to serve as an Ombuds for Faculty graduate assistant, while concurrently continuing to serve as graduate ombudsperson.

**The work of ODR Graduate Assistants does not include interaction with any information regarding faculty. Faculty contact is directly with the ombudsperson**

Last Updated 04/17/2021