Mediation Training for Faculty

Ombuds Faculty Mediation Training

Ombuds Services for Faculty offers no-cost mediation training for UNM faculty and faculty administrators.

All faculty, chairpersons, associate/assistant chairpersons, deans, associate/assistant deans and central administrators are cordially invited to learn the process and skills of mediation for lessening and/or resolving workplace conflicts.

This is a 4-day/all-day training.

Announcement of future training dates will be forthcoming.

The training requires your full participation: 36 hours (32 in-class hours plus 4 hours allotted time to review demonstration mediations).

Refreshments are provided in the morning and afternoon. This is a faculty benefit — there is no cost for this professional training.

UNM Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty offers no-cost mediation training to UNM faculty at all campuses. All administrators, deans, chairpersons, and full-time and part-time faculty are invited to use these free services.

Topics covered in the training include a detailed look at the experience of conflict, types of faculty conflicts, and how faculty respond to these conflicts. Different conflict styles are reviewed, myths of conflict resolution are covered, and alternative ways of resolving conflicts are discussed.

The training sessions emphasize the dynamics of the mediation process as well as mediator skills of acknowledging, clarifying, questioning, summarizing, power balancing, saving face, and reality-testing.

The training includes multiple opportunities to practice mediating faculty conflicts using scenarios and role plays, followed by discussion and feedback sessions. Faculty who have completed the training requirements are listed on this website and may serve as coaches for future training practices.

Training sessions are 32 hours and span the course of four days. An additional 4 hours is allotted for the viewing and review of two mediation videos, for a total of 36 hours.

To date, over 200 faculty have completed the Ombuds faculty mediation training. The faculty have consistently reported high satisfaction with the outcome of the training and have had positive comments to offer:

“Thank you Jean, for creating this opportunity for faculty and for all the effort and caring that you have put into this program. What a privilege it was to work with all of you – really an experience to remember!”

“I want to thank everyone for a wonderful mediation training experience!”

“Add my thanks for a wonderful experience. The four days reminded me of why I pursued an academic career.”

“I want to echo everyone’s sentiments about the excellence of the training. I found it extremely thorough and very challenging. I also enjoyed working with everyone in the group. Looking forward to participating in the mediations!”

For more information or to sign up for a training session, please contact Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty at 277-3212 or via email at mmenache@unm.

Last Updated 9/27/2020