Talk. Listen. Breathe.
Let’s face it. Conflicts happen.
They are a part of human interaction.

Are you experiencing a conflict with a colleague, administrator or staff member?
If you are involved in a dispute that you have not resolved, maybe we can help.


Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for FacultyUNM Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty provides consultation & mediation services to UNM faculty & administrators for potential or ongoing workplace conflicts. The guiding standard is resolution at the least adversarial level. The long-term vision is a widespread network of trained UNM faculty committed to dialogue, constructive conflict management & conflict prevention.

 Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services are available from mid-August to mid-May.

Please call 277-3212 for an appointment.

Jean Civikly-Powell
Ombudsperson for Faculty
Professor Emerita,

1800 Las Lomas NE
MSC05 3140